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environmentally sensitive civil earthworks

Bulk & Civil Earthworks, Road Construction

Bulk earthworks specialists: we move large amounts of dirt within tight deadlines - guaranteed.

  • Work finished to agreed timelines - or earlier
  • Strict quality assurance for consistent efficiency
  • Full access to big civil construction machinery and reliable operators


To move large amounts of dirt in a given time with zero environmental footprint.


  • Topsoil stripping and stockpiling
  • Load haul and dump of material
  • Large scale cut to fill projects
  • Site remediation
  • Wetlands construction
  • Forestry works including rip mounding and tree clearing
  • Large scale hardstand areas
  • Dam and evaporation pond construction
  • Plant and equipment included

Types of projects

We focus on bulk & civil earthworks projects such as:

  • Residential and commercial buildings esp for subdivisions
  • Dams
  • Canals
  • Berms

We may also consider:

  • Roads and highways
  • Mines
  • Trenches
  • Other projects according to request

Fleet and expertise

The biggest expenses you’ll encounter for mass earthworks projects across Cairns and North Queensland relates to the civil construction machinery needed.

Common reasons for cost blowouts to Bulk & Civil Earthworks projects

  • Transport to the required location (fuel, kms)
  • Inexperienced operators especially for large machinery
  • Lack of knowledge and skills for regional and remote areas
  • Stop work or fines for not meeting environmental regulations

It is understandable - and tempting to award a tender to the cheapest bidder. However, when things go wrong, your contractor will do one of two options:

  1. Take shortcuts to stick to budget (most likely)
  2. Blow out the budget (at a risk to the project, the environment - and your reputation)

Not willing to risk a dodgy earthmoving contractor?

If quality work, long-term project success, and getting the job done right - the first time - is important to you, we can help.

We don’t hire our fleets - we own them

Wetland Civil Contractors don’t hire civil construction machinery. We own them - and we maintain them well. This means you’re guaranteed a high-performing machine for your project.

We have a range of civil construction machinery, including specialised machinery and skilled operators for unusual jobs:

  • Big off-road AWD excavators
  • Bulldozers
  • A range of big trucks

So when we take on your project, there’s no risk of a truck being hired out to another company when you need it.

There’s no risk of a truck breaking down with no replacement while we’re using it. 

There’s no risk of not knowing the best route to get a truck to your location - no matter how remote.

There’s no risk of not knowing how to arrange accomodation in remote areas for operators during long-haul trips.

All these risks are often overlooked, especially by interstate companies who lack valuable experience about the challenging conditions in the north tropics.

Their ignorance can cost you hundreds of thousands more than you expect - or alternatively, a poor quality job to meet your budget.

We remove these risks with:

  • Local expertise: we plan for north tropic conditions
  • Over-resourcing: we put on trucks with larger capacity than required
  • High margin for errors: things can go wrong, but planning means your job always gets done on time (or earlier)
  • Strict time-motion processes: we’re obsessive about efficiency so more gets done today - and tomorrow, than yesterday
  • Quality machinery: our good quality machinery is well-maintained and we have a laser-sharp focus on efficiency


We are a local company with more than 18 years of successful environmentally sensitive bulk earthworks and civil construction projects across Cairns and North Queensland.

If your project is taken on, you are guaranteed success in all aspects of the project.

Director and Lead Civil & Environmental Engineer Phillip Cassell has more than 38 years experience in the industry.

As industry advocate, and president of the North Queensland Civil Construction Association, Phillip keeps updated on industry standards and issues, and advocates best practices.

He heads a team of civil engineers, structural engineers, architects, machine operators - and all other necessary expertise to get your project over the line.

Environmental considerations

Bulk & Civil Earthworks projects can be barbaric: huge trucks transporting large amounts of material from one location to another can easily damage rainforests and other sensitive landscapes.

Take for example marine mud: a typical interstate company may plough in without a care - or plan to contain and treat it. The consequence can be devastating - acid released from this acidic sulphate soil kills fish and vegetation.

This is just one example of the cost of inexperience, lack of knowledge, and insufficient planning.

Can you afford to risk your project’s success with cost blowouts and failed deadlines?

Ignore the environmental regulations set by the conflicting environmental bodies in Cairns and North Queensland and you face potential stop work and fines.

Meet your environmental regulations

If a successful project is important to you, it’s vital you get unanimous votes from the multiple environmental bodies.

Bodies such as Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, Great Barrier Reef Marine Authority, and the Wet Tropics Authority.

As a local company, Wetland Civil Contractors has a strong working knowledge - and keeps updated with relevant regulations in the north tropics.

We have experience in addressing issues that arise through strong relationships with the regulatory bodies - to get your project over the line.

With no compromise to the environment.

Detailed environmental plan

Your project will include a thorough CEMP (Construction Environmental Management Plan). The aims are for zero footprint, reuse, and minimal waste. The CEMP outlines:

  • What we plan to do and how it will be done
  • Our footprint
  • How we’ll manage and rehab our environmental impact
  • Options to reuse materials removed
  • KPIs that are measurable and accountable
  • The effectiveness of the plan

In Cairns and North Queensland, meeting regulations and implementing a detailed environmental plan can mean the difference between your project’s success - or failure.

We may be more expensive than the others. And we’re selective about what projects we take on. 

But when we take on your project, we guarantee your project’s success. Within budget. Within your deadline. At value for money. With all works fully EPA & CEMP compliant.

Check out the projects we’ve completed:

Bulk earthworks projects

Botanica bulk earthworks project

Value: $2m +

This project involved the excavation, transport, screening and placing of approx. 405,000 cubic metres of fill material to level 1 standards. The planning and engineering was critical to get the project completed in just 12 weeks.


  • Excavate and transport 405,000 M3 of fill material
  • Sort, grade and screen approx. 110,000 M3 of the material
  • Place and compact to Level 1 standards the fill material

Gulf Development Road Range cutting - Georgetown

This project required the dozing and transport of rock from the range cutting to lower the highway cutting and streamline the alignment of the highway. The site was a remote area with limited support services.


  • Supply of machinery to bench the hillslope for blasting
  • To doze the material and bench the finished terraces
  • Load material into road trucks for transport

Bulk & civil earthworks: What to expect

On time: your job will be done no time (or earlier) - guaranteed

Smooth process: qualified project managers ensure success through co-ordination, thorough documentation, skilled stakeholder management, and the fulfilment of important milestones.

Fulfilment of environmental statutory regulations: avoid costly stop work orders and fines with unanimous support for your project from the multiple regulatory bodies.

Value for money: every dollar is used efficiently and responsibly with strict cost and quality controls, and a critical focus on resources & planning,

Local expertise: trust north tropic locals to know what to look for - above the ground - and below the ground - to make sure your project runs smoothly. On budget. On time.

Contact us to discuss your bulk & civil earthworks project.

Any questions?

Wetland Civil Contractors is a civil construction company specialising in environmentally sensitive marine & civil earthworks.

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