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environmentally sensitive civil earthworks

Earthmoving Hire

Need a reliable bulldozer for your project?

Large-scale road construction, land clearing or foreshore earthworks will be completed quickly with the right powerful bulldozer. Speak to our experienced team, who will help you hire - and operate the earthmoving machine that’ll get your job done.

Types of earthmoving machines available

We operate only late model O.E.M. maintained machines so you’re only hiring durable, high quality, reliable machines that have been maintained as the manufacturer intended.

We’ll help you choose the right machinery for your job, including specialised machinery and skilled operators for unusual jobs. From D65 PX to D375 dozers.

  • Big off-road AWD excavators
  • Bulldozers
  • A range of big trucks

Hire the right bulldozer and you’ll move large amounts of dirt within tight deadlines - guaranteed.

We specialise in large bulldozing operations in environmentally sensitive areas.

Marine & Environmental Foreshore Works… Bulk & Civil Earthworks… Hillside Civil Works & Site Restorations. We have the right dozer for any job.

Reliable earthmoving service

Wetland Civil Contractors don’t hire machinery. We own them - and we maintain them well. This means you’re guaranteed a high-performing machine for your project - when you need it - for as long as you need it.

So when we take on your project, there’s no risk of a truck being hired out to another company when you need it. No risk of a truck breaking down with no replacement. No risk of not knowing the best route to get a truck to your location - no matter how remote.

Avoid the risk of hiring from interstate companies who lack valuable experience about the challenging conditions in the north tropics - their ignorance can cost you hundreds of thousands more than you expect - or alternatively, a poor quality job to meet your budget.

We remove these risks with:

  • Local expertise: we plan for north tropic conditions
  • Over-resourcing: we put on trucks with larger capacity than required
  • High margin for errors: things can go wrong, but planning means your job always gets done on time (or earlier)
  • Strict time-motion processes: we’re obsessive about efficiency so more gets done today - and tomorrow, than yesterday
  • Quality machinery: our good quality machinery is well-maintained and we have a laser-sharp focus on efficiency

About Wetland Civil Contractors

We’re a local earthworks business based in Cairns. We service most areas of North Queensland. We’ve been hiring out reliable bulldozers with skilled operators for more than 18 years. Director Phillip Cassell is an experienced Civil & Environmental Engineer and president of the North Queensland Civil Construction Association. He keeps updated, and advocates best practices for bulldozing operations in Cairns and areas in North Queensland.

Safe approach for people and the environment

When you hire us, you can be sure we’ve got safety covered:

  • Fully EPA & CEMP compliant
  • Occupational Health and Safety Guidelines
  • Environmental and Quality Assurance Policies
  • Safe Work Method Statement
  • Construction Environmental Management Plan with regular progress audits

What you can expect

You’ll get the results you’re after with:

  • Efficient and well-maintained machinery fleet
  • Experienced local operators
  • Value for money
  • Completion of job on time, within budget - guaranteed
  • EPA & CEMP compliant works
  • A local business with proven experience in taking on tough bulldozing projects in the wet tropics

Don’t risk being issued stop work orders, or fines, for breaching regulations. Hire a local bulldozer business with experience and the knowledge to meet your obligations.

Contact us to discuss your operations - and hire a dozer.

Any questions?

Wetland Civil Contractors is a civil construction company specialising in environmentally sensitive marine & civil earthworks.

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