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environmentally sensitive civil earthworks

Environmental Considerations

Solutions-based civil works with a focus on zero footprint, re-use, and minimal waste.

  • Guaranteed success of high risk environmental projects that can’t afford to fail.
  • Avoid cost blowouts by meeting stringent environmental standards
  • Long-term practical and innovative solutions to current - and future environmental concerns

It’s a common scenario

Any civil project can be barbaric. Especially in the often extreme, unique conditions we see in the north tropics.

Huge dozers plough through the environment. Run by careless operators and thoughtless project managers, disturbing sensitive rainforests.

Failure to plan can cause dangerous erosion to riverbanks and pathways, especially before and after a typical tropics downpour.

Ignorance about the local landscape can release toxic acids from marine mud that will kill vegetation and fish.

Inexperience with the conditions can mean stretches of new road washed away - overnight.

The cost of ignoring your environmental obligations

Award an inexperienced, cost-driven, interstate company to your project - and you risk getting stop work orders and fines that will drag out your project and skyrocket expenses.

In the north tropics, meeting the many regulations and implementing a detailed environmental plan can mean the difference between your project’s success - or failure.

If a successful project is important to you, it’s vital to get unanimous support from the multiple environmental regulatory bodies in North Queensland, including:

  • Department of Environment and Heritage Protection
  • Great Barrier Reef Marine Authority
  • Maritime Service Board (MSB)
  • Department State Development
  • Wet Tropics Authority
  • Far North Queensland Regional Organisation of Councils (RNQROC)
  • And more.

It’s not an easy task. These bodies have vested, often conflicting interests.

The alternative?

  • Stop work orders.
  • Fines.
  • Costly blowouts to your timeline and budget.
  • The cost of inexperience, lack of knowledge, and insufficient planning.

Can you afford to risk your project’s success with cost blowouts and failed deadlines?

Benefits of a strong environmental conscience

Working together, our dedication to the environment has significant social, political, and financial benefits for your project - and your organisation. It means:

  1. Effective preservation of your local area in the long-term - attracting families and tourists, stimulating the local economy
  2. You get value for money with meticulous planning in all aspects of the project
  3. Your organisation will build a reputation for environmental sensitivity
  4. You are guaranteed the job will be completed in 1 attempt: no costly blowouts in time or budget
  5. You may protect and enhance historic buildings so future generations can appreciate and enjoy it

How we can help

As a local company, Wetland Civil Contractors has a strong working knowledge about environmental standards.

As industry advocate, and president of the North Queensland Civil Construction Association, Director Phillip Cassell keeps updated on environmental standards, and advocates best practices.

He is committed to:

  • Maintaining the long-term health of the north tropics
  • Ensuring civil contractors take more care with the environment 
  • Helping you get better value from your civil contract job

We have experience in addressing issues that arise through staying informed and building strong relationships with the regulatory bodies - to get your project over the line.

All works will be fully EPA & CEMP compliant.

We won’t compromise on the environment. Preserving and protecting the unique natural landscapes, wildlife, and historical areas is our priority.

How we work

Our goal is to cause as little disturbance as possible - during and after the project.

Specifically, we aim to:

  • Remove our project footprint
  • Leave no waste or as little waste as possible
  • Re-use and create resources from materials taken from the environment

Our focus is to tiptoe through the forest, to avoid erosion. This requires careful planning, especially with the transport - and use of big, heavy equipment that have the potential to easily cause damage.

Environmentally-friendly materials

We use geofabrics manufactured in Australia. These are cost effective, flexible, UV-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and stable. What’s more, the strict labelling and traceability of the products mean you’re assured of getting the correct, high-grade of material, according to your order.

For the community, geofabrics offer safety - and they look great. For your project, geofabrics offer performance and longevity at great prices. And the buck stops here in Australia.

Plants are located in southern QLD and in Albury (NSW). Research and development programs are carried out at the ‘Geosynthetic Centre of Excellence’ in Gold Coast, QLD. Local manufacturing drives jobs and spending ($7.5 million) back into the community.

Commitment to get the job done

We may be more expensive than the others. And we’re selective about what we take on.

But when we take on your project, we guarantee your project’s success. Within the agreed budget. Within your deadline. At value for money.

With no compromise to the environment.


Check out how we tiptoed through the environment in past projects.

Contact us to discuss how we’ll protect the environment together in your project.

Any questions?

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