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environmentally sensitive civil earthworks

Hillside Civil Earthworks & Site Restorations

Creating safe tracks for the community.

  • Experienced project management for smooth project delivery
  • Guaranteed solutions for even the most complex briefs
  • Strong environmental experience so you easily fulfil all regulations


To create safe pathways through rainforests.


  • Design and construction of government access paths to access infrastructure
  • Create stability of paths (before landslides)
  • Rehabilitation works (especially after big slippages)

Environmental consideration

Our focus is to tiptoe through the forest, to avoid erosion. This requires careful planning, especially with the transport - and use of big, heavy equipment that have the potential to easily cause damage.

A detailed CEMP (Construction Environmental Management Plan) will be created which outlines every aspect of the project:

  • How we will complete the project
  • How every aspect impacts the environment
  • Our footprint
  • How we’ll remove our footprint
  • KPIs (including who’s accountable)
  • How effective the plan was (at the end)

We develop long-term solutions to current environmental concerns - and anticipate future environmental issues. There will be no compromise to the environment.

All works will be fully EPA & CEMP compliant.

This often brings our quote higher than the average contractor - that’s why we’ll only take on clients who have a genuine care about their impact on the environment.

It’s why we’re sought after for the most sensitive, high-risk environmental projects. Projects that can’t afford to fail.

Benefits to your commitment to the environment

Our dedication to the environment has significant social, political, and financial benefits for your project - and your organisation. It means:

  1. Effective preservation of your local area in the long-term - attracting families and tourists, stimulating the local economy
  2. You get value for money with meticulous planning in all aspects of the project
  3. Your organisation will build a reputation for environmental sensitivity
  4. You are guaranteed the job will be completed in 1 attempt: no costly blowouts in time or budget
  5. Your community will trust you have their best interests - and that of future generations - in mind


Successfully completing hillside works with a high level of commitment to the environment is a challenge.

It’s why there will be many tenders who can quote much lower than we will.

We realise budget is a driving decision maker. Yet we challenge you to make a difference - for your local environment. For your community. For future generations.

We will never apologise for our thorough planning to give you maximum value for money.

We will never apologise for employing local contractors with the know-how to do the job right in the unique, often challenging conditions of the north tropics.

We will never apologise for taking more time to keep on top of environmental regulations so you get unanimous go-ahead for your project activities.

What to expect

Guaranteed solutions: strong reputation for problem solving even with the most limited and challenging briefs.

Experienced local team: proven experience in providing solutions tailored to the unique conditions of the north tropics.

Value for money: optimisation of resources, strict quality assurance process, clear KPIs with individual accountability.

Exceptional project management: Well planned scope, thorough investigation, strong coordination, experienced stakeholder management, detailed risk management processes, and full documentation.

Hillside civil earthworks & site restoration projects

Flagstaff Hill Walking Trail project

Value: Less than $1m

This was a design and construct project based on a limited concept brief. It involved a team of architects, engineers and civil contractors to design a walking trail through tropical headlands while incorporating three elevated viewing platforms and a pedestrian bridge across a seasonal creek.


  • Design and engineer the structures
  • Obtain building approvals and acquittals
  • Construct the trail and install the structures

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