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environmentally sensitive civil earthworks

Marine, Aquaculture & Environmental Foreshore Works

Proven specialists in completing big name, high risk marine and environmental projects that can’t afford to fail

  • Solutions-based approach that guarantees complex jobs are completed
  • Address environmental protection standards so you meet regulatory obligations
  • Highly skilled and well-resourced to take on tough projects in the wet tropics


To guarantee the success of high risk marine & environmental projects delivered within strict deadlines - leaving no environmental footprint.

Types of projects

We work on a range of Marine & Environmental Foreshore Works (Aquaculture Works), including:

  • Marine and foreshore work
    • Esplanade rejuvenation
    • Esplanade construction
    • Foreshore works
    • Beach rejuvenation
    • Marine retention walls
  • Wetland sites
  • Island sites

More specifically, we carefully plan and implement construction and rejuvenation works to create amenities the community can enjoy. With no negative impact on the environment.

  • Walking trails
  • Rock walls and other engineered property protection structures
  • Drainage infrastructure
  • Vegetation clearing
  • Dune fencing
  • Pipes and cables
  • Public amenities
  • Swimming enclosures
  • Surf lifesaving towers

Environmental considerations

Any type of construction and rejuvenation earthworks will disturb the environment:

  • Wildlife
  • Ecosystems
  • Habitats
  • Features of special scientific, archaeological or culture importance

Our approach

We won’t compromise the environment. Preserving and protecting the unique natural landscapes, wildlife, and historical areas is our priority.

Our goal is to cause as little disturbance to the environment as possible - during and after the project.

Specifically, we aim to:

  • Remove our project footprint
  • Leave no waste or as little waste as possible
  • Re-use and create resources from materials taken from the environment
  • Ensure all works are fully EPA & CEMP compliant

A detailed CEMP (Construction Environmental Management Plan) will be created which outlines:

  • How we will complete the project
  • How every aspect impacts the environment
  • Our footprint
  • How we’ll remove our footprint
  • KPIs (including who’s accountable)
  • How effective the plan was (at the end)

Environmentally-friendly material

We use geofabrics manufactured in Australia. These are cost effective, flexible, UV resistant, abrasion resistant, and stable. What’s more, the strict labelling and traceability of the products mean you’re assured of getting the correct, high-grade of material, according to your order.

For the community, geofabrics offer safety - and they look great.
For you, geofabrics offer performance and longevity at great prices.

How this benefits your project

  • You’ll be doing your part to preserve the environment
  • You may protect and enhance historic buildings so future generations can appreciate and enjoy it
  • You’ll preserve scenic areas that will attract locals and tourists to the area - stimulating the local economy
  • You’ll be recognised for your commitment to the environment
  • You’ll lead by example, showing the community how we are all responsible for how our actions affect the environment

Marine & Environmental Works Projects

Green Island Beach Nourishment project

This project required the construction of a beach groyne of geofabric sandbags and the movement of sand from the reef flat to the beach zone, in a national park environment on a major tourist island during peak tourism season.

Both day and night shifts were planned according to tidal flows. The remoteness of the island required careful planning a barge operations were very restricted.


  • Plan site mobilisation and demobilisation around barge operations and effective tides
  • Complete the project under very strict time frames
  • Construct the groyne wall
  • Recover and place the beach sand

Cardwell Foreshore Acid Sulphate Remediation works

This project involved the treatment and leveling of approximately 200,000 M3 of dumped acid sulphate soil to form a natural parkland and water course.

Specialised equipment was required to access the stockpiles and level the soil that derived from marine mud dredged from the foreshore.

Replanting of natural vegetation was required after the spreading was completed to ensure a stabilised area in the venet of heavy rain in the future.


  • Spread the soil and layer for lime treatment
  • Dry and level soil to design levels
  • Replant vegetation

Cairns Airport southern access road drainage project

This project required the replacement of the major storm water drainage pipes under the southern perimeter road at an international airport. The airport adjoins a significant tidal mangrove area significant to fish habitation.

The significant security restrictions involved in working airside at an international airport were also a major issue to overcome on this project.

Value: $1m


  • Construct coffer dams to protect airport land
  • Remove existing pipes and headwalls
  • Cast-in-situ new wing walls and aprons
  • Install pipes and backfill
  • Reconstruct road

What to expect

Environmental responsibility

Detailed CEMP focusing on zero footprint, reuse, minimal waste, firm KPIs, and accountability. All works fully EPA & CEMP compliant.

Fulfilment of statutory regulations

Get unanimous support for your project from the multiple regulatory bodies with vested, often conflicting interests. Bodies such as Great Barrier Reef Marine Authority, Wet Tropics Authority, and Far North Queensland Regional Organisation of Councils (RNQROC).

Problem solving

We’re known for coming up with solutions to the largest, most complex environmental projects. What’s more, you can expect us to think of solutions to issues you haven’t considered.

Exceptional project management

Qualified and experienced project managers ensure your project’s success through co-ordination, thorough documentation, skilled stakeholder management, and the fulfilment of important milestones.

Value for money

Strict cost and quality controls, experienced personnel, huge margin for errors, efficient and well-maintained equipment, and carefully allocated resources mean every dollar is used efficiently and responsibly.

Local expertise

We contract local businesses with the expertise and resources as a priority. Your project will avoid costly mistakes faced by interstate companies who are ignorant about the challenges of the north tropics.

Contact us to discuss your marine & environmental works project.

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