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environmentally sensitive civil earthworks


Marine & Environmental Foreshore Works (Aquaculture Works)

Green Island Beach Nourishment project

This project required the construction of a beach groyne of geofabric sandbags and the movement of sand from the reef flat to the beach zone, in a national park environment on a major tourist island during peak tourism season.

Both day and night shifts were planned according to tidal flows. The remoteness of the island required careful planning a barge operations were very restricted.


  • Plan site mobilisation and demobilisation around barge operations and effective tides
  • Complete the project under very strict time frames
  • Construct the groyne wall
  • Recover and place the beach sand

Cardwell Foreshore Acid Sulphate Remediation works

This project involved the treatment and leveling of approximately 200,000 m3 of dumped acid sulphate soil to form a natural parkland and water course.

Specialised equipment was required to access the stockpiles and level the soil that derived from marine mud dredged from the foreshore.

Replanting of natural vegetation was required after the spreading was completed to ensure a stabilised area in the venet of heavy rain in the future.


  • Spread the soil and layer for lime treatment
  • Dry and level soil to design levels
  • Replant vegetation

Cairns Airport southern access road drainage project

This project required the replacement of the major storm water drainage pipes under the southern perimeter road at an international airport. The airport adjoins a significant tidal mangrove area significant to fish habitation.

The significant security restrictions involved in working airside at an international airport were also a major issue to overcome on this project.

Value: $1m


  • Construct coffer dams to protect airport land
  • Remove existing pipes and headwalls
  • Cast-in-situ new wing walls and aprons
  • Install pipes and backfill
  • Reconstruct road

Bulk & Civil Earthworks

Botanica bulk earthworks project

Value: $2m +

This project involved the excavation, transport, screening and placing of approx. 405,000 cubic metres of fill material to level 1 standards. The planning and engineering was critical to get the project completed in just 12 weeks.


  • Excavate and transport 405,000 M3 of fill material
  • Sort, grade and screen approx. 110,000 M3 of the material
  • Place and compact to Level 1 standards the fill material

Gulf Development Road Range cutting - Georgetown

This project required the dozing and transport of rock from the range cutting to lower the highway cutting and streamline the alignment of the highway. The site was a remote area with limited support services.


  • Supply of machinery to bench the hillslope for blasting
  • To doze the material and bench the finished terraces
  • Load material into road trucks for transport

Hillside Civil Works & Restoration Works

Flagstaff Hill Walking Trail project

Value: Less than $1m

This was a design and construct project based on a limited concept brief. It involved a team of architects, engineers and civil contractors to design a walking trail through tropical headlands while incorporating three elevated viewing platforms and a pedestrian bridge across a seasonal creek.


  • Design and engineer the structures
  • Obtain building approvals and acquittals
  • Construct the trail and install the structures

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